From its inception this technology has been custom made for the Education Sector.

In an increasingly complex and busy world it is important to parents and educators alike to account for the whereabouts of children.

Pre Schools

The days of signing your child out of preschool has now changed thanks to ScanOne. With our secure fingerprint scanner you can put your mind at ease with the assurance that the person responsible for picking up your child is the actual person collecting your child on the day. The automated SMS & email notification feature gives that additional security that your child has been dropped off or picked up.

Boarding School

ScanOne has been developed for New Zealand schools to capture daily student attendance. The real time logging of students into school classrooms with automated hourly reports to the office makes it easy for schools to determine students movements in and out of classrooms. With the automated SMS & email notification feature parents can have the comfort of knowing their child is safe at and when leaving school!

ScanOne’s multi-platform system is a truly unique proposition for boarding schools

  • Record student’s movement between classes and school activities
  • Students can request Parental Approval and receive it in Real-Time
  • Easily adaptable options for easy student
  • Lateness reporting
  • Absenteeism
  • Meals Report and more…


This system is able to closely monitor truant students.

  • Centralised systems that will send parents real-time confirmation of attendance
  • Schools can see personalised activity reports
  • Lateness and missed deadline reports
  • SMS notification to administration team