Off to a flying start in the education sector we quickly saw the huge benefits to businesses, streamlining time & attendence, monthly reporting, sickness and leave forms

Time & Attendance

ScanOne has been developed for New Zealand with a true niche business application. The real time logging of employee or contractors attendance with automated hourly reports to the office makes it to account for whereabouts. This has massive benefits in the event of incorrect billing, emergency situations and much more. With each station you can accurately log and the automated SMS & email notification feature allow employees to notify employers of illness in real time.

  • Administrators are able to export to CSV file.
  • Employees can send themselves a record of attendance.

Monthly Reporting

ScanOne has a selection of real time reports which can easily be accessed via the Online reporting software:

  • Sign In Time
  • Sign Out Time
  • Overtime Report


  • The employee is able to request annual or sick leave directly from the tablet.
  • They are also able to record and send a video or a text message to associates.