The most recent developments of the ScanOne system are centred around the construction industry, to help record, report and remind companies of certificates, competencies and inductions

Health & Safety

By closely partnering with clients ScanOne has undergone significant changes in recent months. These developments include the ability to now create the required certificates for construction. Recording the dates of expiry, and prompts to prevent any lapses is essential to compliance.
Likewise, companies can record the Induction date and notify any site visitors and workers of hazards.

Monthly Reporting

ScanOne has a selection of real time reports which can easily be accessed via the Online reporting software:

  • Sign In Time
  • Sign Out Time
  • Overtime Report

Access Point

ScanOne is currently being enhanced to integrate with traditional access control systems. With increasingly stringent regulations facing the industry we’ve recently designed the innovative ScanOne Access Point. This is a fully integrated access control system includes turnstiles that link to the ScanOne registration unit and are housed in a modified shipping container to ensure secure access to your site.

This new initiative further demonstrates the ingenuity and response of our kiwi owned and operated  outfit, as well as a true knowledge of the needs and responsibilities of the construction industry.