ScanOne was created to improve the security and safety of our clients’ contractors, staff and premises through our proprietary Biometric Security Monitoring System.

ScanOne is NZ-owned and operated and supported by a New Zealand team.

Creating a world-leading business


  • ScanOne is becoming New Zealand’s trusted specialist in biometric security technologies. We are based in Auckland, close to our foundation client base.
  • Our first commercial product is based on thumb-print technologies. Our propriety product offers the best in security, reliability, reporting and regulatory compliance.
  • We have implemented our initial solution in 20 sites within market leading construction companies.Today, we are also providing solutions for the corporate, airports, government and education sectors.
  • ScanOne is led in NZ by CEO and co-founder Tristan Bailey. USA growth is led by co-founder Terrance Wallace.

Success to date


  • Our biometric security technology system is being adopted as industry standard for NZ’s construction companies.
  • Our initial customers include Macrennie, Aspec, PAE and Fletchers Projects.
  • We are successfully rolling our systems out across our customer base.
  • We monitor over 2,000 contractors over 20 sites throughout NZ.
  • ScanOne is a finalist nomination for 2016 NZIOB Safety Excellence Award.

The market opportunity 


  • Juniper Research, in a recent report, says more than 770 million biometric authentication applications will be downloaded each year by 2019. That’s up from just 6 million in 2015.
  • A fingerprint authentication will account for the overwhelming majority of apps, driven by increasing deployment of fingerprint scanners within smartphones.
  • We are excited to be providing Technology at your Fingertips


Biometrics is concerned with identifying a person based on their physiological or behavioral characteristics.

Biometrics proves a person’s identity with greater level of assurance than other methods and is thus an effective way to prove the true identity of individual users.

Biometric security is on a sharp growth curve, in large part due to the fact that many mobile users have become comfortable using tools such as fingerprint identification for access.

Unique: The various biometrics systems have been developed around unique characteristics of individuals. The probability of two people sharing the same biometric data is virtually nil.

Cannot be shared: Because a biometric property is an intrinsic property of an individual, it is extremely difficult to duplicate or share (you cannot give a copy of your face or your hand to someone!).

Cannot be copied: Biometric characteristics are nearly impossible to forge or spoof, especially with new technologies ensuring that the biometric being identified is from a live person.

Cannot be lost: A biometric property of an individual can be lost only in case of serious accident.

  • ScanOne was originally developed to provide an easy way of monitoring students within the education sector. The device helps track attendance and student location.
  • With the success of the ScanOne application in schools, it quickly became clear that the system could be used in a variety of other sectors, including in business and corporations.

ScanOne provides customers with absolute certainty of:


  • Who is on site?
  • Should they be there?
  • Are they certified?
  • Are they inducted?
  • How many are on site at one time ( vs.  regulations)?
  • When did they enter and exit?