Eliminate the need for paper reporting and pin numbers, passwords, timesheets or even leave requests. ScanOne is an all-in-one system that uses unique fingerprints as identifiers.

Easily generate reports from the ScanOne system. There is no need to create reports on attendance or truancy. ScanOne can generate a range of meaningful reports to easily see real data.

Secure, foolproof system. ScanOne has 24/7 support, a secure, customisable system, and fingerprint technology that cannot be bypassed or cheated. It’s simply the most foolproof way to keep track of attendance at your site.

ScanOne has applications in many different industries, including boarding schools, rest homes, commercial or industrial sites, secure facilities and more.


With the increased emphasis on health & safety it is so important to ensure that your site is safe and secure. The innovative ScanOne system is intelligent site security at your fingertips!


The ScanOne system is the perfect way for the Construction industry to comply with stringent regulations in an effective and bulletproof way, built by a team who know the industry.

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